RD Sharma Solutions for Class 8 Maths

  • Rational Numbers
  • Powers
  • Squares and Square Roots
  • Cubes and Cube Roots
  • Playing With Numbers
  • Algebraic Expressions and Identities
  • Factorizations
  • Division of Algebraic Expressions
  • Linear Equations in One Variable
  • Direct and Inverse variations
  • Time and Work
  • Percentage
  • Profits, Loss, Discount, and Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Compound Interest
  • Understanding Shapes I (Polygons)
  • Understanding Shapes II (Quadrilaterals)
  • Understanding Shapes III (Special Types of Quadrilaterals)
  • Practical Geometry
  • Visualising Shapes
  • Mensuration I (Area of a Trapezium and a Polygon)
  • Mensuration II (Volumes and Surface Areas of a Cuboid and a Cube)
  • Mensuration III (Surface Area and Volume of a Right Circular Cylinder)
  • Data Handling I (Classification and Tabulation of Data)
  • Data Handling II (Graphical Representation of Data as Histograms)
  • Data Handling III (Pictorial Representation of Data as Pie Charts or Circle Graphs)
  • Data Handling IV (probability)
  • Introduction to Graphs

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